You must be unaware of this fact that almost everything you do with your hands to arouse a woman can work more effectively if you do it with your lips (or tongue, even better). A woman’s body is a sensuous creation. Even the slightest kiss on the sensitive spots can arouse her instantly.

1. Obviously, the Lips.

Sensitive spots of womenIt might sound weird to men, as it is really difficult to arouse them, but even a hot smooch can completely arouse a woman within seconds.

2. The Neck.

Sensitive spots of womenThe neck is one of the sensitive spots which work both for men and women.

3. The Collarbone.

Sensitive spots of women

This doesn’t top the sensitive spots list, but if you can go slow on this, you will find her moaning.

4. The Ears.

Sensitive spots of womenIt’s weirdly satisfaction when someone teases the earlobes with their teeth.

5. The Breast.

Sensitive spots of womenThe breasts are one of the most sensitive spots of women. She loves it when you grab them, kiss them or bite them.

6. The Nape of her Neck.

Sensitive spots of women

This part is temperature sensitive. There is a trick to give her shivers with pleasure. You can kiss the nape of her neck and leave it a little wet. Then blow some warm air and kiss it again.

7. Her Back.

Sensitive spots of women

Start from the nape and go downwards gently. Hold her firmly while you do that as she is going to break out into some erogenous quivers.

8. The Ribs and the Side of her body.

Sensitive spots of women

You can make her wet by wetting these parts of her body with your tongue and smooth.

9. The Waist.

The waist is the finest artwork if a woman’s body. Kissing on the waist gets her hormones pumping.

10. The Inner Thighs.

Start kissing from the mid thighs and gently make your way upwards. As you go up make the kisses wetter and wilder.

11. The Stomach.

Kissing on the gap between the breasts and the waist makes her want you more.

12. The V.

Sensitive spots of women

After all the foreplay it’s time to hit the s3xi3st spot. Do I even need to tell you what you are supposed to do further? Just keep in mind to tease her enough before you put your tongue in the spot.


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