There is hardly any person who has not heard about Mia Khalifa. Since her very first debut in the adult film industry in 2014, her fan following has only been growing. It is not only because of her profession but there are other things to about Mia Khalifa which makes her so likeable.

1. She is a proud Lebanese.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

She loves to talk about her Lebanese culture and heritage. She has two tattoos inked on her body, directly connecting her to her homeland. One of them is the first line of the Lebanese national anthem and the other one is Lebanese Forces Cross.

2. She happens to be a huge fan of Pearl Jam.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Women generally don’t like such kind of music and Eddie’s unusual vocals. But Mia Khalifa has impressed a lot of man when she announced that she is attending A Pearl Jam concert.

3. She is a great cook and loves to try new dishes.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

If you visit her Instagram profile, you will know what we are talking about. She has a lot of pictures either eating or cooking.

4. She is a Bookworm.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa loves stories. In between her busy schedules, whenever she gets a little time she is always flipping through pages of new books.

5. She is very down to Earth.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

If you follow her online or watch her interview videos you’ll see how down to Earth and witty she is. She stays at Miami, rather than moving to LA.

6. She is a cool geek.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa likes tweeting about pop culture icons, like Batman or Anchorman. That is not it. Since she is funny an can use sarcasm, her tweets will only awe you with their twists.

7. Her twerking skill is on point.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa twerking to the song dedicated as a tribute to her, released by Timeflies had taken the internet by storm. Everyone became a fan of her twerking.

8. She is in love with Sports.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

You might not know this but she is a huge fan of football, hockey and lacrosse. She had even been a sports columnist for Fansided. She has also declared that she is a die hard fan of D.C. teams.

9. Has great bribing skills.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Remember her tweet when she offered to let the marketing director of NBA game to touch her “tiddies” if he agreed to give extra points to her favourite player.

10. Self defence skills.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

As she belongs from such a vulnerable profession, he needs to know how to defend herself. Once it was reported that she punched a fan directly on his face when he tried to forcefully click a selfie with her.

11. She is super good with trolling.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Her Twitter account is a prove of that. It’s filled with witty posts and trolling fans on offensive comments.

12. She knows how to keep her audience engaged.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

She posts a hot photo or video of her every now and then on her social media.

13. She is a hardcore girl.

Reasons to Love Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa ain’t taking bullying or threats from anyone. She even receives death threats saying she is a bad impact on the Lebanese or Muslim culture. But she stood up and replied in response that they are actually causing much more damage to the image of Muslims than she ever could have.


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