This article enlists 21 one crazy jobs that exist all over the world which no one thought is even possible. Reading the details of these jobs will make you laugh hard. If you are thinking of switching your job then you can definitely try one of these.


Professional Pusher: 

Yes, you read that right. In Japan, people are paid to push others into trains. The Japanese people are known for their punctuality and no one wants to be late to work. Hence they have created this post to help them get on to crowded trains. This is very amusing.

Stand in liner

Professional Stand-In-Liner

You don’t have to wait in long queues in Japan if you are rich. There are professional stand-in-liners available there to wait in your place if you pay them right. They are locally called Narabiyas.

Professional Sleeper:

This should ideally be your next job. You will get paid to sleep. Professional sleepers are required for scientific experiments on sleep disorder. Ideal job for most people.

Gross Stunt Tester :

Their job is to test everything that is gross. For example, they eat grasshoppers to test how it taste like.

Wedding Guest:

This is another dream job. You get to dress up and play the part of a wedding guest and get paid for it. Free food is just another plus. This is not made up. There is an advertisement proof for this.

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Ostrich Babysitter :

Ostrich Babysitter

The only job of ostrich babysitters is they that have to watch out for newly born baby ostriches. Newborn babies tend to peck at each other hurting themselves in the process. Their job is to prevent that.

Vomit Cleaner:

vomit cleaner

This might feel bad to most but amusement park owners have created this position for their convenience. Many get on a roller coaster with a full stomach while the dips and turns ensure they throw up. People up get paid to clean that mess. Feeling bad for them? At least they get free rides.

Deodorant Tester:

Deodorant testers test the odour-fighting power of deodorants by smelling armpits of people after applying the deodorant.

Water Slide Tester:

This may sound a very fun job but that is not always the case. There is a certain risk factor involved in this as water slide testers need to check the safety of water rides and that means they face few accidents. However, the positive side is that they get free water rides.

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Electric Shock Giver :

This is actually a job in Mexico where it is called ‘toques’. They carry small wooden boxes that are used to give people electric shocks. There are multiple uses of this. While some use it for a high, some sober down using this after having too much to drink

Bicycle fishers :

This is a famous profession in Amsterdam. Bicycle fishers bring out 14000 rusty bicycles from the canals of the city every year. This is very unique.

Paper Towel sniffer :

Paper towel making companies employ people in this position to test the smell of their product before and after usage. This is what can be called a stinking job.

Chicken Sexer:


This job makes you identify the sex of newborn chickens! Enough said.

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Rental Boyfriend:

If you are single and looking for a boyfriend then you must visit Tokyo. In the Japanese capital, you can get a ‘rental boyfriend’ if you wish to spend the money. They will support you emotionally just like in real life relationships.

Professional Cuddler:

Professional Cuddler

If you are lonely in Japan you need not worry. There are professional cuddlers available who will spend the night with you if you pay them. You can cuddle these women all night.

Car plate Blocker:

Car plate Blocker:

As weird as this sounds, this job exists too. Like Delhi in Iran, there is a rule that cars with even and odd number plates are allowed inroads in the alternate day to reduce congestion. However, people employee these blockers to block their number plate getting caught in cameras.

Pet food tester:

Pet food tester

You can get paid testing pet food. This is for quality control but just sounds weird.

Professional Mourner:

Professional Mourner

Even professional mourners are available if your loved ones don’t decide to turn up on your funeral. This is very strange.

Professional Mourner

Cuida Carro :

Cuida Carro

In Costa Rica , cuida carro watches your cars when you park them and go out so that there is no chance of robbery.

Furniture Tester :

Furniture Tester

Yes people get paid to test how comfortable the newly made furniture is. One of the easiest jobs around.

Wrinkle chaser :

Wrinkle chasers make sure that there are no creases on shoe as shows come out of factory.


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