5 Ways to Have a Better Relationship


You may have been in a relationship for some time now, and as such, you have realized that it takes lots of effort to make sure it is healthy, or to improve it. Even if you are in a new relationship, you may have seen it in others, or you may have had some past experience on what to do and what not to do to have a better relationship. While making relationships flourish involves a lot of deliberate effort and hard work, great ones can be fulfilling and worth the effort.

The following are some things that can help you have a better relationship with your partner:

1.      Good communication

Among the most important things that make a relationship grow and become better is communication. Each partner should express what they like and do not like, and clearly state their emotional needs. The openness in communication is an indication of trust and vulnerability to the other party, and encourages your partner to open up and trust you, too. Communication also calls for actively listening to your partner, decoding their non-verbal communications, and empathizing with them.

2.      Strong trust

Trust is a significant piece in the pie of a healthy relationship. That you will have to trust your partner with your heart, your emotions, your body, and other things is not a small matter, and thus calls for a higher level of trust. Would you stay friends with someone you don’t trust? Absolutely not. Then how would you date a person you hardly trust? Some ways of developing or growing trust are by always telling the truth, keeping your word, and setting boundaries, as this shows that you trust the other to act without betraying you. Now that people meet through different methods, even via dating sites like https://happymatches.com/, partners need to build trust—even when they have never met physically. One should not post a photo that is not theirs on the profile or lie about themselves. Once those who have been interacting online meet one-on-one and it is clear that someone was lying, the relationship can easily crumble or have a poor foundation and eventually fall apart.

3.      Respect

A relationship can only get better if there is mutual respect between the partners. You must let your partner be their true self and not force them to be someone else. You should also not tell off your partner in public or talk about their weaknesses with your friends or family, since this is disrespectful, and should your partner find out, they will lose trust in you. Also, keeping all the secrets that your partner shared with you in confidence is an important mark of respect. You are likewise obliged to respect your partner’s parents, even when they are difficult. Setting boundaries with regard to relatives and friends is also a crucial part of respect.

4.      Maintain the romance

You need to keep the fire burning by surprising each other once in a while and spending quality time, like exercising or cooking together. You also need to maintain a healthy conversation on intimate matters and make your partner feel appreciated and loved.

5.      Give each other space

If you two are in a relationship, should you stick together 24/7? Certainly not; instead, you need to let each other have some free time to pursue their interests or hobbies, lest they feel suffocated. You should not abandon your friends or your hobbies because you are in a relationship. You can only be a better partner if you do not lose your real self to your partner. The secret is to strike a good balance between being together and having some personal time.

Final thoughts

Building a better and healthier relationship is achievable with good communication, trust, respect, keeping the romance alive, and letting each other have some space. Although it involves tons of effort to have a better relationship, its rewards far outweigh the costs.


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