For all those who hopeless romantics I bet you crave for a regular dose of rom-coms or romantic drama. The happy ending, two people falling in love and reassuring you happy endings do exist in a way. The content feeling after watching a romantic movie cannot be compared to anything in this whole wide world. And I bet Netflix, Hulu and HBO sure help you with this but we have got a list of movies on Amazon Prime that are a must watch if you a Hopeless Romantic.

Movies Every Romantic Needs To See This Month On Amazon Prime!

                                   1. The Big Sick

This movie is the real story of a comedian cum actor, Kumail Nanjiani of how he fell in love with his now wife Emily Gordon despite all circumstances.

                                 2. The Cake Eaters

Amazon Prime

This an indie movie about two families trying to cope up with the grieve of losing someone. Where the main actress Kristina Stewart is starring as a terminally ill patient who wants to experience love before she dies.

                         3. Something New

Amazon Prime Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) decides that she wants to explore the blind date route, and everything goes Okay until she finds out that her date Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), is actually white.

                                 4. The LobsterAmazon PrimeDavid is a man who lives in a dystopian world where all single people have only 45 days at a hotel to find a partner for themselves or they get forever transformed into an animal of their own choosing. It sounds completely wild, I agree. But it a kind of metaphor depicting the social pressure that comes from finding love in today’s world.

                                      5. Me Before You

Amazon Prime

Louisa is the girl who desperately looking for a job and gets hired to take care of a recently paralyzed man named, Will. Naturally being around so much each other results in love.

                                      5. What If?

Amazon PrimeDaniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan are two individuals who need a fresh look on love. Radcliffe gets cheated by his girlfriend but after that, he falls for Chantry, who happens to have a boyfriend. The two hit it off, and things just get more intense thereafter.

                              6. Gone With The Wind

Amazon Prime

This movie is a classic for a reason people!

The rekindling of love during the time of Civil War is always a romantic movie which will remain Golden in the memories of Romantics.

                                7. Dirty Dancing

Amazon PrimeThis is a timeless classic and if you haven’t watched it then you better hurry up and watch it already! Jennifer Grey is a young woman who goes for a summer getaway and ends up falling in crazy love with her dance instructor.

8. The Graduate

Amazon Prime

The Graduate is again a classic love story of a boy who first meets a girl’s mom, then he meets girl, and then goes through the ups and downs of love.

9. Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Amazon Prime
A scientist of Fisheries receives an unusual request from a woman named Harriet who wants to help bring fishing as a sport back to Yemen because of a wealthy sheik’s request. Love blooms amidst all this as they work towards achieving the Sheik’s dream.

10. Just Wright

Amazon Prime

A physical therapist, Leslie Wright falls in love with one of her clients, who is a basketball superstar Scott McKnight. All goes well until Leslie finds herself being the second choice in Scott’s love life.

11. Save The Last Dance

Amazon Prime

Sara’s mother dies in a car accident and hence she ends up moving from a small town to the south end of Chicago to live with her dad. She ends up falling in love with her classmate Derek and together they tackle their problems.

12. Sabrina

Amazon Prime

Sabrina is the remake of the 1954 film which was starring Billy Wilder and Audrey Hepburn. This ’90s version follows Sabrina, who finds herself in a love tug-a-war between two brothers.

Tell us which of the Following Amazon Prime Romantic Movies Have you Still not watched?


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