What is the Harsh Reality of Being a Man?


1- A 27-year-old unemployed Indian woman has an option, to stay at home and to marry someone who can give her a luxury life, on the other hand, a 27-year-old unemployed Indian man, he needs to worry a lot and maybe For the next few years, he should forget the marriage.

Frustrated Man

2- As a husband, in the form of a father, as a son and as a brother, a man generally has to fulfil the wishes of everyone in the family and kill his own desires.

3- Regardless of the similarities in corporate culture, generally men are expected to work in difficult situations than their female counterparts.

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4- Working for twelve hours For the sake of his family, wandering in connection with work in another city, country and around the world, the male does not get any recognition for his work. No one celebrates the MEN DAY.

5- If you help in the household works, then society judges you. If you do not help household chores, your wife judges you.

6- Father’s birthday usually does not remember anyone in the family, even if they always give the best gift on their birthday.

7- Men should hide their tears in the toughest conditions so that others can keep their head on their shoulders and weep.

8- It is easy to ruin their lives by accusing men, sometimes it has been seen that they are blamed for things they have not done.


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